Thrissur Pooram 2018 (26th April)

Thrissur Pooram is Kerala's most colourful temple festival. It is held during the period April - May every year.

The exact date of thrissur pooram is desided based on malayalam calender and it falls in the month of Medam.

In 2018, Thrissur pooram will be celebrated on 26th April at the famous swaraj round where hundreds thousands of people will be gathered from arround the globe.

Here are some fun facts about thrissur pooram festival


History of Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur pooram festival began in 1798, started by Raja Rama Varma.

The story behind the creation of this festival is that Raja Rama Varma and his friends were not allowed in to a a festival in Thrissur at that time, because they were late.

So Raja Rama Varma invited all the temples in the region to the famous "vadakkumnathan Temple" in Thrissur, to pay respect to lord Shiva.

Thrissur pooram ceremonies Thrissur pooram starts 7 days in advance of the main event, with the hosting of the flag. Sample fireworks begin on the 4th night and the main pooram festival begins on the 6th day from hosting the flag. A procession from all the temples in the region, accompined by elephants, will arrive at the western gorpuram of the Vadakkunnathan Temple o this day. The festival will conclude by 7th day afternoon. A major attraction of Thrissur pooram is the fireworks. Main fireworks will begin on early morning of the 7th day.


Thrissur Pooram Attractions

Here are some of the main attractions of thrissur pooram.


1. Kodiyettam (flagging ceremony)


Flag hosting ceremony, or "Kodiyettam" will begin 7 days before Thrissur Pooram.

All the participating temples of thrissur pooram will be present for the ceremony.

There will be small processions from all participating temples and there will be a light firework to announce the commencement of festival.



2. Sample Vedikettu


The first round of fireworks will start at the 4th night after Kodiyettam.

This sample fireworks is a one hour show where 2 of the main temples "Parmekavu devasom" and "Tiruvambadi Devasam" will participate.



3. Main Fesitval


Main pooram festival will begin on the 6th day. The royal ceremony of thrissur pooram will begin with the "Kanimanglam Sasthavu ezhunnellipu", which marks the arrival of 1st procession from "Kanimangalam sasthavu Temple".

This is then folowed by the arrival of 6 other temples.


Panchavadyam melam (musical performance)


Over 200 artists from across the state will perform "Panchavadya Melam", a musical symphony played with instruments like Thimila , Madhalam , Trumpet , Cymbal and Edakka.



Illanjithara melam (musical performance)


Illanjithara melam is another musical event followed by "Panchavadyam".

Illanjithara melam will start b y afternoon arround 2 pm. It is played using instruments like drum , trumpets , pipe and cymbal.


Kuda-mattam (umbrella display)


This is a colour full event which will start by the evening of Thrissur pooram.

More than 50 elephants will be decorated using nettipattom, strikingly crafted Kolam , decorative bells, ornaments, umbrellas , venchamaram and Alavattom.

Elephants of two temples (parmekavu and thiruvambadi) will be lined up on both sides of vadakumnathan temple and shfts the umbrellas used on their elephants, accompined by music.

This is a spectacular event which all keralites enjoy. This event is equally pleasing to eyes and ears of the audience.


Main Fireworks


Thrissur pooram "vedikettu" (fireworks) are well renowned all over the country. This fireworks are initiated from the center of Thrissur city. Main fireworks will begin on early morning of the 7th day.

Thiruvambadi and Parmekavu are the main competitors in this event and there will be a winner, which will be announced on the next day. Most pooram festivasl fans will stay up all night this day to get a better view of the fireworks.


Pakal Pooram

This is the final event of the thrissur pooram festival on the 7th day morning. This is a farewell ceremony, where the deity's of parmekavu and thiruvmabady temple bids adue to the vadakumnathan temple. There will be a minor firework to mark the end of festival.